Monday, May 10, 2010

Special Interest Resorts along Busuanga Road Network

Yesterday, May 6, 2010 I drove my bike
all the way to Busuanga.Along the road network
I visited existing resorts
which Iconsider
Special Interest Areas because of their
unique styles,
architectural designs,
arts and choice of location.

Busuanga Island Paradise
" A home in the Forest"

One of my favorite places, as it rejuvenates
one's soul and spirit. Here,one can find
harmony with natures breath, sound
and silence. The singingbirds, the
waving leaves and grasses, and the
river flowing are instruments
to peace of mind.

Puerto del Sol

Their creativity proves to work amidst
hard soil and hilly terrains where
cottages are strategically located to savor
the grand vista of blue lagoon.
Structures can showcase both
arts and natural bounties around it.

Concepcion Pierhouse Lodge

Established their structure beside the
pier of Concepcion facing west,
perfect for sunset viewing.
Drift woods area accents to the
bare areas which is very interesting,
as well as the art of placing special wood
pieces with the owner's paintings

'til the next journey...

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