Wednesday, May 7, 2008


...where there is no doctor,

Nay Auring is our local hilot in town.
With her locally home-made coconut oil
she manages to give remedy to various minor illnesses-
Cramps, fractures, prolonged colds and cough to name the few.
She'd been a rural midwife serving to island barangays
and other remote areas in Busuanga Island.
Besides, she also gives prescription
patronizing endemic medicinal plants and herbs.


.....the local name for a fisherman's boat.

Simplicity made it Impressive!
Wood and Water element transcends naturally-
the age and function of this wooden banca.

Equipped with a strong paddle and fishing line,
A tagbanua lad parked his sibid
in between limestones.

True Colors of Dawn

" True Colors of Dawn "
Turda Sunrise, Coron Palawan

The reward that sunrise gives
is an energy that lets you appreciate life.
It reflects tranquility, it signifies hope,
Best of all it gives you privilege
to thank the Creator.