Friday, April 18, 2008

Beholder's Eye

" Beholder's Eye "
Kasadyaan Festival 2007
Coron, Palawan

An expression of thanksgiving,
festive of day long dances and chants;
Native drum beats and local verses revived,
From the mouths of forefathers.

Every 28th of August Coron celebrates Kasadyaan Festival.
A 7-day activity spearheaded by the municipality
and culminates with street dancing coming from the 23 Barangays
of the local government.

Blue Horizon

"Blue Horizon"
Marcilla Beach, Coron Palawan

Clear as the sky is a sketch of the earth's horizon;
It's blue colors ratifies clean air and unadulterated atmosphere
The vibrant green represents the fullness of life,
Light still is the source of it's existence.

For decades, these two souls survived
Conquering the winds and swells;
On a foundation known loose and always weak,
Stood still, strong and might
Their roots found the art of holding eternity.

In this lifetime, we have all the capacity to stand and be ourselves in the midst of all weathers of life. Each day is a different challenge to overcome, and our SELF is molded by time and experience. Just like these trees, we all have the privilege to see a horizon such as this,
live the life at its fullest with a companion to share, love, trust and care.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Present Shadows

" Present Shadows "
1st Runner Up
National Photo Contest, Philippines
Banul Beach, Coron Island Ancestral Domain
Coron Palawan

SHADOWS are everywhere. Most of us just ignore it and we always keep our sight to the colorful realities of the world. We tend to look and focus on the appealing shapes and textures of flowers, grains of sand, and natural colors of stones and trees.

Look in depth! focus more..... there is something that highlights everything, something which gives emphasis to the shapes and textures, something that creates mood and recreates, they are everywhere, the aura of all things, coming and going, to complete the image.

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