Thursday, April 17, 2008

Present Shadows

" Present Shadows "
1st Runner Up
National Photo Contest, Philippines
Banul Beach, Coron Island Ancestral Domain
Coron Palawan

SHADOWS are everywhere. Most of us just ignore it and we always keep our sight to the colorful realities of the world. We tend to look and focus on the appealing shapes and textures of flowers, grains of sand, and natural colors of stones and trees.

Look in depth! focus more..... there is something that highlights everything, something which gives emphasis to the shapes and textures, something that creates mood and recreates, they are everywhere, the aura of all things, coming and going, to complete the image.

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  1. Bravura!!! Love it! ;)

  2. hey, al! i'm one of your biggest fans! haha! i linked you from my own site so my friends could see your masterpiece. feel free to visit my site as well.